How it all started

From small beginnings: The table at our first ever show - Huddersfield 2008

580 Modellers was formed in 2008 by Geoff Cooper-Smith and David Foxall based on a new concept.  We didn't find club meetings very interesting but just loved the exhibiting at shows and being togther for a good few hours on such a day meant there was plenty of time to talk about various topics.  It also struck us that lots of modellers would probably like the opportunity to try exhibiting at model shows but were in a a similar situation.  This could also be the case if their club didn't undertake such activity or they weren't a member of a club.

Consequently 580 Modellers was born into a really simple concept; 580 Modellers book tables at a model show and lay it out with staging, table covering, signage and bases and then those, who wish to, turn up with their models and place them on the table.  This concept has remained essentially unchanged since we attended our first show at Huddersfield in February 2008.

During the first year, the two founding members were supported by active junior modeller Adam Cooper-Smith.  As it turns out Adam was a key part of our success as he would roam the floor throughout the day handing out leaflets and recruiting members.  He also became the first 580 crew member to win in a competition!

The beauty of it all lies in the flexibility.  It allows someone to try it just once (to see if the experience is for them) or just exhibit at their local show(s) or become a 'hardcore' exhibitor attending many shows.  The fact we continue to thrive, with a crew of all abilities, varied interests, and a clutch of awards is a testament to the original concept.

In 2014 we became affiliated to the International Plastic Modellers' Society (UK).  This has many benefits and allows us to exhibit at the biggest model show on earth, the annual ScaleModelWorld event at Telford, every November.

Why 580 Modellers?

The East Lancs Road, as the A580 is still known locally, under construction in the early 1930's.

Many have asked why 580 Modellers?  The answer is the co-founders live either side of the A580, which runs twixt Salford and Liverpool; Geoff Cooper-Smith lives to the North in Greater Manchester and Dave Foxall to the South in Warrington.  This is why the 580 Modellers logo looks like, and has the colours of, a road sign, which in turn has become a strong 'brand' in its own right, strongly associated with the club.

The A580 is actually a road of some significance as it was the UKs first purpose built inter-city highway, being opened by King George in 1934.