Dave Foxall

Ooh look a model!. Dave 'modelling' the new T-shirt design at Driffield in 2012

Dave is a founder member of 580 Modellers and otherwise known as the 'Table Meister' as he generally takes over the setting up and laying out of the table at shows.  He is well known for shunning anything small (!) and has an aversion to natural metal or 'plain' finishes, prefering 'camo' whenever possible.  He also likes to try something different and this has included everything from railway wagons to busses to UAVs, but his first love is undoubtedly 'Aggressor' schemes.  He is also an extremely capable armour modeller, particularly from the Vietnam era although recently he has been turning out a succession of more modern rubber tyred fighting vehicles which seem to be on the up amongst our armed forces at present.  Most recently though, Dave surprised us all by 'downsizing', become quite partial to the recent Airfix Spitfire releases in 1/48, with three already turned out in a short space of time.

Daves ability to 'sniff out' a bargain is legendary, particularly for extras within a seemingly normal box.  He is also a very good judge of a kit and will often buy, assess, mull over and then either decide to build or 'pass on'.  As a result of this activity the size and make up of his stash is constantly changing and no one can tell you its size or content!

One of Foxy`s favourite modelling subjects is Aggressor Aircraft. In the background is a Tamiya F-16C finished as an aircraft of the 64th Aggressor Sqn with a non-standard paint scheme and in the foreground is a Tamiya F-15C of the 65th Aggressor Sqn in the current desert scheme. Both are based at Nellis AFB with the 57th Adversary Tactics Wing. Both models have been completed using aftermarket decals; the F-15 used Afterburner Decals and the F-16 is based on a Two Bobs sheet (Sutton Coldfield 2011)
A 580 Modellers icon! The excellent Revell Routemaster kit which the club won for 'Best Display' at the IPMS Bolton 2012 show. It was completed by Foxy (who being a bus driver in real life should know how a bus looks and goes together !). Many thanks to our good friend Greg Drawbaugh of DRAWDecal who had the decals especially drawn up and printed (Hinckley 2013)
A United Arab Emirates F-16E block 60 in 1/32, using the Tamiya F-16CJ block 50 and Wolfpack Design conversion set. This conversion set is good value as it has all the necessary parts plus decals for both a standard UAE and a US based training Sqn aircraft included in the set. (Gloucester 2013)
Another big Aggressor (told you he likes them) this time an F-18C from the US Navy`s Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center based at NAS Fallon Nevada. The excellent 1/32 Academy kit is straight out of the box and finished it off with the and finished off with the equally good Fightertown Decals "Big Bandit C Hornets" sheet. (Birmingham 2011)
The shape of things to come ?....... or perhaps the first step towards "Skynet" ???........ A Bronco 1/48 General Atomics MQ-1 Predator built straight out of the box. (Hinckley 2013)
One of the last 3 but not actually "The Last One !" is this Airfix 1/48 Spitfire PR 19 built out of the box finished in the markings of 81 Sqn when based at RAF Seletar in 1953 just before a very famous last flight. Just goes to show that Foxy`s modelling is not always big and aggressive! (Hinckley 2013)
A Toad by any other name. 'O' gauge GWR brake van bought as a bargain kit at a railway show to try something different. It looks remarkably realistic (Gloucester 2010)