For Something Completely Different........

Well almost.  A lot of our number, have a healthy interest in other subjects including railways (and thus able to tell a Class 40 from a DMU), cars, etc; in a previous life your site editor was actually a semi-professional railway photographer and magazine contributor.  And so, as long as the page budget permits, there will be a selection of different photographs presented here occasionally over time.

Geoff Cooper-Smith, Site Editor

Within a pleasant fifteen minute walk, along countryside tracks and footpaths, of my house (and hence OK under Covid 'Lockdown Rules') is the Manchester to Wigan line via Atherton. Until a few years ago this was jointed track and semaphore signals which, along with a fairly intensive service, meant there was no space for any freight. However the conversion to continuously welded rail and colour light signalling allowed a shortening of the block sections. Currently the line has a single freight service, the 0725 Wilton Freight Terminal to Knowsley Freight Terminal, empty 'binliner'. It passes Cutacre, the location of this photo, about 2pm most days. Unfortunately it returns via a different route. 05th May 2020. © Geoff Cooper-Smith