An Update on the Ongoing Covid Situation

Most unfortunately the Model Show scene is still in a state of disarray, with the disappointing news earlier this week that the annual IPMS UK jamboree at Telford in November (and the biggest model show in the world) has been cancelled for 2020.  This is indeed a major set-back as most were holding out hope that this would be the 'return to form'.  However, talking with those who had already been forced to take the reluctant decision to cancel the larger regional shows and the 'rules' they were having to follow, it comes as no surprise.

Even though we are out of a national lockdown, the uncertainty over where a region will be in terms of Covid at the time of a show is a major challenge for the organisers of regional shows.  As a result we are already seeing the cancellation of shows in 2021, even though it is over 4 months away at the time of writing:  Bolton IPMS (planned for 22nd January) and Cosford (organised by Shropshire Scale Modellers) are the most notable casualties to date, but others will surely follow.

A Show Dragon article is in preparation to shed light on the reasoning behind these difficult decisions and what may well be the 'new normal' once various restrictions are lifted.

But for now the sections detailing the 580 Schedule, Show Diary and News will have to remain silent.

Geoff Cooper-Smith, Site Editor