For those within the 580 fold we have a very active WhatsApp group through which we can seek and share advice as well as update colleagues on the progress our of builds.  Needless to say a lot of craic passes between everyone too.

We thought it would be a good idea to show you some of these as a preview, as it were, of what is to appear on the table at future shows, some sooner than others!

The 580 crew are a pretty style conscious bunch as proved by this World War I LSK fabric Covid-19 mask, modelled by our own WWI specialist Rob Cookson. July 2020.

Toby Knight has made a start on a Castle Class Corvette. This WWII vessel is apparently being modelled 'full hull' as its going to be in 'typical North Atlantic weather'. Should be worth watching out for as when Toby does sea it always looks like its worth a swim!! July 2020

Co-founder Dave Foxall has evidently been busy during the lockdown. From left to right (all 1/32 scale) are a P-51D-5 USAAF (Revell), a Hurricane MkIIc SAAF (Fly) and a Spitfire Vc RAAF (Revell Mk II and Mk IX combined). Dave has airbrushed most of the markings, if you are wondering where you could get 'decals to do that'! July 2020

Very much a man of the moment, our Lenny Brennand has the new Tamiya 1/48th Spitfire Mk I underway. July 2020

The recent Special Hobby 1/48 Grumman AF-2S Guardian "Submarine Killer" receiving a very detailed and largely scratch built interior. The builder, Roger Symonds, reckons its all worthwhile as the glass area of the Guardian is pretty extensive. It will certainly be worth checking out when the build is complete as the Guardian is a big aircraft. June 2020.

This is the miniature masterpiece that is the Eduard 1/144 MiG-15 shown here complete with aerial wire. The modeller is Ian Poulton, who specialises in 'little things'. June 2020

The ICM Hs 126A-1 with bomb rack in 1/48 is not the 'easiest of builds' according to our Huw Morgan. The 'Condor Legion' masking was a bit of a challenge too as he claims he 'nearly went cross-eyed' masking it all off! June 2020.