Roll Call 2016

Birmingham IPMS Midland Model Expo 2016, 30th July 2016

Geoff Cooper-Smith (Wreck-it-Ralph, Olaf, Thing, Minions)

Neil Foster (Egyptian Spitfire Mk.IX in 48th, Israeli Spitfire Mk.IX in 48th, Air Sea Rescue Launch in 72nd, P-51D in 48th and US Seafire Mk.47).

Malcolm Hopper (Fw190 in 32nd, P-47C in 48th, Hurricane Mk.I in 48th and Spitfire Mk.1 in 48th)

Huw Morgan (Britannia C2 in 144th, EC-121L in 144th, MiG15 and ZIL157 in 72nd, Etihad A320 in 144th, Aurigny ATR-72-100 in 144th and Airco DH2 in 48th)

Mark Housley (Antonov An72 in 72nd, Defiant Mk.I in 72nd, SAAB Gripen in 72nd and Mil 24D Hind in 1/100)

Rob Cookson (Last Watch, Two Little Indians, Fe 2b late in 32nd and Bristol F2b in 32nd)


Staffordshire Moorlands, 03rd July 2016

Geoff Cooper-Smith

David Foxall

Huw Morgan

Tim Moore

Darren Booth

Michael Booth

Ian Tranter