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30th Anniversary of the 1st Gulf War

17th January represents the 30th Anniversary of the commencement of operation Desert Storm.  580 Modellers have a programme of associated articles and builds planned throughout the whole year, covering all nations and sides.  The culmination will be a dedicated display at ScaleModelWorld 2021, which 'fingers crossed' will be occurring.  So keep coming back to see what is new!

The 'crew' at ScaleModelWorld 2019

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Latest Updates

Due to continued interest in the 580 Modellers ScaleModelWorld virtual table it will remain on the website for the forseeable future.  Clicking here, on VSMW, will take you straight there.

With hostilities due to commence in just over 24 hours, 30 years ago, the first of the Gulf War articles on In Focus has been posted today - 'In the Pink' (Part 1), covering the RAF (as Operation Granby) involvement in Desert Shield.  Part 2, concentrating on the Tornado force should follow soon.  Clicking here, on In the Pink (Part 1) will take you straight to the article

The 580 crew have already started 'making models' for the ScaleModelWorld 2021 Desert Storm display, with some well advanced.  The plan is to post an occasional update on progress, with the intention you get to see them 'in the plastic' when they are presented on the 580 table in November.

Keep coming back!