ScaleModelWorld 2014

Well, it's over once again, and all too soon!

580 Modellers were privileged to exhibit once again and thanks to our very own Tablemeister, Dave Foxall we put on an absolutely marvellous display.  Following on from recent years we changed some of the models on the table overnight which meant we could display more models and give everyone greater exposure over the weekend.  It was most noticeable that at times people were two or so deep in front as they viewed, photographed and engaged in conversation.  As a club we had a great time with most of us camped out at the Premier Inn in the centre of Shrewsbury (just 20 minutes drive from the venue) which meant everyone could eat, drink and be merry in the evening.  We were accompanied as usual by Greg Drawbaugh of DRAWDecal and his dedicated sidekick Bert Selier, which made the weekend all the more enjoyable.

So, in case you couldn't make it (or don't remember or even just want to reminisce!) then please activate the slideshow to see what was on the 580 table over the weekend; if you go to full screen then the subtitles will come up to increase your enjoyment!