The 'infamous' 580 London Routemaster bus, lovingly crafted from the Revell kit by Dave Foxall. This was a prize for 'Best Display' at the 2012 Bolton show and the bespoke decals were specially printed by DRAWDecal

Started up primarily to advertise the 580 Modellers club and its activities and successes, a recent site upgrade has allowed us to diversify into 'stuff that interests us'.  The 'useful' stuff remains, so you know what we are about, which shows we plan to attend, etc, along with details on how to contact us.

However, we have removed some of the other stuff, which was a bit boring and was of little use to anybody, and will be replacing it with a regular series of articles and photo essays under a variety of different headings.  The aspiration is that this becomes very much like your favourite magazine, but with one major difference:  It will have new additions every week so that every time you visit there will be something new and interesting to peruse.

Despite the upgrade we still have a finite number of pages so when that limit is reached, the older columns, articles and essays will be removed to allow new pages to be posted.  It is not possible to archive them in any shape, or form, so they will be gone forever unfortunately.

Geoff Cooper-Smith, 580 Modellers co-founder and Site Editor

Site Content

So you have a better idea of what the site offers, the content currently includes:

  • Home Page:  Little changed from our original web site, including a history of our formation along with the origin of our name (a question we frequently get asked), how to join the crew and contact details.
  • News and Shows:  Provides a listing of all model shows during the ensuing year and those the 580 Modellers are planning to attend, which unfortunately this year has been severley curtailed due to the Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Show Time!:  Includes the Virtual Table, which shows all those models which have appeared on the 580 table in the past few shows.  There is also a Close Up page which looks at some models in detail and In the Wings which previews recently completed subjects awaiting the next show as well as new projects underway and hoping to appear on the table sometime in the future.
  • X-Files:  Proper honest and forthright reviews of models the crew have built with an honest appraisal as to their qualities, deficiencies or otherwise.
  • In Focus:  580 Modellers is lucky enough to have several excellent photographers in their midst, most of whom have travelled widely.  Consequently we are able to offer you a series of short photo essays on a variety of topics.
  • The Aviation Historian:  This is a new one for us.  Negotations are underway to offer a modelling tie up with this most interesting of quality quarterly periodicals.
  • Columns:  Both the 580 Show Report and Show Dragon are back!
  • Extras:  Bits of different, that are interesting and informative but cannot really go anywhere else!
  • Lazy Modeller:  It is not our intention to act as a modellers 'agony aunt', or provide a plethora of hints and tips, but if we think there is something very interesting and new and could make things much easier in your modelling life, then we will post it here.
  • Links and Stuff:  Several of our crew have their own on-line presence and so we will endeavour to make you aware of that here.
  • And now.....for something completely different.  Keep a look out here and see what arrives.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the whole site in its glorious variety.  If you have any suggestions, or wish to contribute then please do not hesitate to contact us.