How we operate

How it works

The 580 approach is one of having fun and enjoying your modelling, being open to change and always trying to improve. It is a formula that has brought us considerable success over our 9 year existence.

The model has undergone a little refinement, out of necessity, since we attended our first show with just three exhibitors in 2008.  We now have a mailing list for all members.  About ten days before a show 580 Modellers sends out an e-mail to all on the list, inviting attendance, with a deadline by which to reply.  Once the deadline expires then 580 Modellers replys to confirm what to bring based on the number of tables to be filled and the number of exhibitors.  Some shows e.g. Cosford, are very well attended and hence those wishing to attend may be restricted to one or two models each.  Other shows may be less well attended and a request may be made to bring more models!

So how do you join?

Co-operative effort: At ScaleModelWorld 2013 three of the 580 crew provided models of the F-104 Starfighter in 1:48, including a very weathered orange target drone, which received a lot of interest.

Firstly, there are absolutely NO fees for joining, exhibiting or remaining a member of 580 Modellers as the club is funded by the 'Show Report' column which appears in Scale Aviation Modeller International every month and the associated show diary which is included in every SAM publication.

Becoming a member is as simple as requesting that you be included on our mailing list (which of course requires the provision of an e-mail address) and it just takes-off from there.  It is absolutely your choice as to how quickly, and deeply, you become involved; you can wait a few months using the e-mailed invitations to get a feel for how the club operates or jump in with both feet at the earliest opportunity.  It is totally up to you!  We are a friendly, welcoming and vibrant group who take modelling for what it is and we make sure we enjoy our hobby, and showing off our efforts, immensely.

We currently have a membership of over 40 who benefit from this arrangement and receive the invitation to attend whenever a show is approaching.  Some just reply when it is their local show, others (and we have a 'hard-core' of eight, or so) want to attend every show; we usually aim to attend a show about once a month, which equates to around ten to twelve shows during the course of the year.