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30th Anniversary of the 1st Gulf War

With the end of the 1st Gulf War on 28th January 1991, after just 42 days of hostilities, the process of moving troops, etc out of the Persian Gulf got underway in early March, following the ceasefire.  The final oil fire in Kuwait, set by the Iraqis as part of their withdrawal, was not extinguished until November 07th.  580 Modellers will therefore be concentrating on this event, with a programme of articles and builds (covering all nations and all sides) right up to ScaleModelWorld 2021 where the culmination will be a dedicated display on the 580 Modellers table. So 'fingers crossed'!

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The 'crew' at ScaleModelWorld 2019

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Latest Updates

Big News!  We have accepted an invitation from Stoke-on-Trent Model Club to exhibit at their show on 15th August; our first of the year.  For more details click here.

The 2nd part of the USMC during Operation Desert Storm In Focus has been posted and covers fixed wing aircraft, including F/A-18s, AV-8s and OV-10s.  To see the images click here.

Some inaccuracies in the captions for both In Focus postings of In the Pink were recently pointed out.  These have now been corrected.  As a bonus an additional Tornado image has been added to In the Pink 2.  Further there is an In the Pink 3 covering the RAF Jaguar and In the Pink 4 covering the Buccaneer in preparation, both using images which have never been previously published!

There has also been a new addition to And Now....

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